The iJUG consists of two organs. The general assembly is on top of the association's hierarchy. They appoint the board of management and decide on the admission of members.

General Assembly:

An ordinary general assembly led by the chairman is organized once a year. Four weeks prior to the event, the chairman of the board summons the general assembly indicating the agenda. Each member can add items to the agenda by making a written request up to two weeks prior to the assembly. Each duly convened general assembly has a quorum. For further details, please refer to the articles of association.

The ordinary general assembly has the following tasks:

  • passing resolutions regarding activities of the association,
  • appointing members of the management board, formally approve their actions and relieve them from office,
  • passing resolutions regarding membership fees,
  • accepting and excluding members,
  • passing resolutions regarding amendments to the articles of association,
  • passing resolutions regarding the dissolution of the association,
  • passing resolutions regarding all remaining task they have according to the articles of association.

Board of Management:

The board of management consists of the chairman and up to two co-chairman. Eligible for election are individuals who represent members. The general assembly decides about the size of the management board. The board of management shall be elected for the period of two years. The board of management will make decisions with resolutions passed in board meetings.

The board of management has the following tasks:

  • dealing with current operations as well as representation in legal and non-legal proceedings,
  • drawing up an annual revenue and expenditure plan,
  • preparing and leading the general assembly,
  • carrying out all remaining tasks arising within the association provided that they aren't assigned to other organs.

During the general assembly on November 22, 2013, the iJUG members elected the rotating board of management for the next two years:

  • Fried Saacke, chairman of the board
  • Stefan Koospal, co-chairman
  • Tobias Frech, co-chairman